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Who we are and what we do best

We are an agency that is not afraid to break down standards. Our collective approach is created by a number of professionals with long-term experience in the field whom have come togather under one roof and formed a team. Since 2008, we have been building strong ties in the media sector and with VIP personalities, all to the benefit of current and new clients.

Clients look to us for the sake of our comprehensive approach to strategy, innovative solutions and precise implementation. The media praise our capabilities and cooperation

We implement and support the principles of the ICCO Stockholm Charter-the charter which was created to form PR standards. The aim of the Charter is to (throught compliance with standards) give rise to new business relationships based on customer trust and satisfaction. In part, the document has ethical codes for the industry e.g. "observance of independence, promises, truthfulness and privacy".

PR services / Media relations

We collaborate with all Czech publishers, televisions and online media and communicate directly and consistantly with editors and editors-in-chief.

Strategic advice

Based on your budget and the needs of your brand(s), we design, plan, and put in action the most effective strategy to reach your KPIs

Opinion leaders a celebrities

We propose and advice in the selection of the right "spokesperson" for your brand, and we will release it proffessionally to the media if the client wishes it.


We work with a wide range of bloggers to participate in Utubering. We also organize blogging meetings to stay ahead of the curve in this form of media.

Tests and consumer reviews

In collaboration with selected parties we conduct consumer tests and set up published results on sales forums and/or in media. We organize such tests with editors and appropriate staff.

CSR / Reputation Management

For larger corporations, we are preparing programs concerning your corporate responsibility and public administration. We also work on the restoration of companies´reputation

Life hacking

We focus on Lifekacking with our partners. Thanks to our acquired tricks, simplifications, and innovative methods we increase productivity and efficiency in your organization and communication with the public.


We currently serve :  27  brands

We have been cooperating with BIG FISH & CO. for several years. They are constantly bringing new creative ideas that they can apply to add value not only in quantity, but also in the quality of communication activities.
Jiří Hauptmann, Head of Corporate Relations and Public Affairs Corporate Relations Heineken
For me BIG FISH & CO. ensure the right contacts in the most important places. They know when and to whom to turn to. Cooperating with-and the results from working with will entartain you!
Lidija Erlebachová, ex-PR manažer Henkel ČR
On our eight-year collaboration with BIG FISH & CO we certainly appreciate a creative approach with our own invention that also moves us forward. We can resolve not only the purchase of media space in cooperation with the media, but also non-standard forms of cooperation.
Iveta Lébrová, Harper‘s Bazaar
With BIG FISH & CO we appreciate not only the abillity to process a strategic brief on our complex business, but also the creativity in its whole and, last but not least, the efficiency of our investment (especially the synergies between the ATL, PR and online media interconnection). Throughout the cooperation, we appreciate the immediancy, flexibility and perfomance of the agency;For example by interacting with our agencies or directly with our business partners

We support interesting nonprofit organizations and projects as well

The long-term work of the NGO ´S KOCARKEM PRAHOU.org´, highlight and tackle the many transport-related problems which hinder pregnant women, disabled individuals, and families with young children in the anonymous enviroment of the city.

Contact details

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Postal address:
BIG FISH & CO., s.r.o.
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T: (+420) 730 518 000 (reception)

Office hours: 9:00 - 17:00 hod

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